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Ottima pizza! io ho mangiato una classica margherita ed era veramente buona! Vi consiglio vivamente di venirci! Mi sono seduta fuori, all'aperto ed era molto  piacevole stare all'aria aperta e vedere la gente in piazza! 

Ghost Train Rider

Great pizza. I had the seafood pizza (which be warned you have to pull the mussels, clams, etc. out of the shell yourself) and my husband had a calzone (which was huge!). It was great and well priced for the huge portions (average meal about $10 per person). You have the choice of sitting inside, or we prefered sitting outside and watching the bustling nightlife on Piazza Tasso.



When it came to the end of our trip to Italy and we were getting a little bored of the hotel food, we headed into the town centre in search of the hearty Italian staple: the pizza.

Pizzeria Aurora is located right in the heart of the town on the left hand side of the square. It’s easy to spot, as there is an array of tables outside, which are always full. On this occasion, we opted for a take-away pizza, although you can get the same menu to sit in for a small amount more.

The array of pizza toppings is huge – they have everything from pepperoni, chicken, vegetables, pineapple, to you name it. With this huge selection, we decided to opt for the classic favourite, the margarita! Yep, that pizza with great red tomatoes, white mozzarella cheese, and fresh green basil to resemble the Italian flag was the one for us.

To order your take-away pizza, head into the restaurant, place your order, and get a ticket. Then head to the side where there is a little window beside the pizza chefs. You can watch your pizza come alive. The dough spinning itself is well worth the money you pay for your pizza!!

Our classic margarita cost the princely sum of €3. Yes €3, or £2 (US$3). And let me tell you now, it was the best pizza I have ever had in my life. I highly recommend this place. We sat on a bench overlooking the bay and enjoyed our Italian feast. And it was great. Everyone who visits Sorrento should go to Aurora!!!

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